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Creating a Personalized Memorial Program

Published: April 25, 2022

Are you planning a memorial service for a loved one after their cremation services in Hallsville, TX? Memorial services can be such a wonderful way to pay tribute to and honor the life of your loved one. These services also have many elements such as flower selection, music selection, tribute videos, and more that are perfect opportunities to truly infuse your loved one’s personality into the service. Another element that people often overlook is the memorial program.

This pamphlet acts as a record of the event as well as a keepsake, so what better place than this to express your loved one’s life, passions, and personality? If you aren’t sure exactly how this can be done, no worries. We are going to cover some of the key elements you can use.


The first way to show off your loved one’s life is with the actual content in the program. For example, on the front cover, there is typically an image of your loved one. You can keep this format but rather than choosing just a headshot as most people do, find a photo of your loved one that has a little more of their personality in it.

As long as it’s appropriate, don’t be afraid to use one that may be a little more uncommon. Maybe your loved one was always playing golf. If so, having a picture of them on the golf course might be a good idea. Just make sure that the image is good quality and has them as the main focus.

Inside the program, along with the typical outline for the services, you could add other written content. For example, if your loved one was a big traveler, you could include a list of all the countries or cities they traveled to.

Other written content that could be added in are things like:

  • Lyrics from their favorite song
  • A poem they personally wrote
  • Notes friends or family wrote to them
  • A favorite recipe they loved


Other than the actual content of the program, you can also customize it with the design. Design elements that can be used are things like:

  • Font- Was your loved one bubbly, sweet, funny, logical, serious? Fonts can represent all of these feelings and more. Just make sure that whatever front you choose, it is also easy and clear to read. Don’t sacrifice the function of the font for the decorative element.
  • Colors- Did you loved one have a favorite color or colors? Did they like happy, bright colors? Peaceful palettes? Neutral tones? Incorporate these colors into the program. Maybe they didn’t have a favorite color combination, but they were avid fans of a certain sports team. If so, you could use the teams’ colors.
  • Overall Style- What style would they have liked the program to be? Did they love boho chic? Country? Urban? Luxury? Pretty? Simple? Think about their style and use it as the overall theme for the program.

Final Thoughts

When planning a memorial service after your loved one’s cremation services in Hallsville, TX., there are ample opportunities to make it personal. While many people think about this when selecting elements like flowers and music, they may not carry this idea over into the design of the program. Don’t overlook this perfect opportunity to pay tribute to your loved one.

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