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The Help You Need for Funeral and Cremation Planning in Hallsville, TX

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We have been providing funeral home services and cremations for over the years, with dignified and compassionate services for families in Hallsville, TX. No matter the setting that you choose or the style of the funeral that you desire, we are here to help. Welch Funeral Home understands that you have unique preferences. Our team at Welch Funeral Home is a local provider that understands the needs of the community. When choosing funeral and cremation services in Hallsville, TX it’s essential that you pick a provider with an excellent reputation in the industry. Call us today at: (903) 663-3737.

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When you need support with funeral and cremation planning in Hallsville, TX, the best thing you can do is call a trusted industry expert. Our team at Welch Funeral Home is here to assist with all details of these end-of-life services: an event, dispositioning the body, administrative details, and more.

Whether you are looking for support with funeral services as soon as possible, or you’d like to discuss options for the future, the best thing you can do is call our team. We offer the personalized care you need when honoring a life well-lived.  

Funeral and Cremation Experts in Hallsville, TX

At Welch Funeral Home, we work hard to serve the community through quality funeral services. Our team understands the delicate care required to support the needs of each family. Every event should be as unique as the person you are honoring. So, we always dedicate the time, attention, and effort needed to design a service that is the perfect fit for your customs and traditions. 

Over the years, we’ve developed proven systems that are designed to care for the needs of both the living and the dead. Our funeral planning process walks you through the specific details that should be considered for a respectful service. As you go through this experience step-by-step, we provide information about the various funeral and cremation packages. 

One of the advantages of choosing our expert team is that we honor your requests. You should never feel pressured or obligated when choosing funeral services. Instead, we listen to your needs and offer information so you can learn about the many services. This process is catered to the preferences of your family, giving you a safe place where you can maintain traditions and cultural influences that have been carried through the generations. 

Quality Services: Funerals, Memorial Services, and Cremation


As you learn more about Welch Funeral Home, you’ll see that we are a full-service provider. Our team offers a range of services and funeral packages. You can evaluate your budget and preferences, then choose a package that fits your needs. 

We can assist with traditional funerals, as requested by the family. Often, these traditional services include a formal gathering in a church or funeral home. Other supportive services include embalming for the viewing, as well as a procession followed by a graveside service. You can find all the products needed for burial through our funeral home. We also assist with the venue and cemetery coordination. 

If you don’t prefer the idea of traditional casket burial, then cremation might be a solution to consider. Cremation is a process that treats the body with high heat to reduce the remains to ashes. These ashes don’t need to be buried in a cemetery – although you have the option for burial if desired. Cremation is often paired with memorial services. Or, you might stick with direct cremation and plan a simple, family-only gathering at home.  

Keep in mind that there isn’t a “right” way to plan funeral or cremation services in Hallsville, TX. Instead, you should consider the requests of the deceased and how the event will support surviving family members. The goal is to lay the person to rest while also giving family and friends an opportunity to find closure in their grief. 

Local Services for Your Family


Why should you choose Welch Funeral Home? We are a local company that is focused on the community. Over the years, we’ve built solid relationships with many families. Not only are we here to support the funeral or memorial event planning, but we also offer ongoing support behind the scenes. This approach ensures that you don’t get caught up in the paperwork and administrative details required when someone passes away. 

As you are considering the local services for funeral and cremation planning, we invite you to contact us to learn more. You’ll see that we offer information and transparency. As our clients learn about these available funeral services, they feel empowered to choose the options that best suit their preferences. We are here to offer the level of support that you desire: everything from basic care to full-support funeral planning. 

Working with a local funeral home means that you have a team that understands the community and local culture. Additionally, we strive to keep our prices affordable. Since we don’t have a corporate team overseeing the business, we can stay focused on the needs of our customers.  

Funeral Planning Experts


We are striving to be the best team in the industry, giving you access to the industry experts you need. When you choose Welch Funeral Home, you can feel good knowing that we truly care about the outcome of your event. For more information about funeral home and cremation in Hallsville, TX, contact us at Welch Funeral Home. We are located at 4619 Judson Rd Longview, TX 75605. Call to schedule a consultation: (903) 663-3737.  

Funeral & Cremation FAQs

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    • There is no charge for the headstone or marker itself, however arrangements for placing it in a private cemetery are the applicant's responsibility and all setting fees are at private expense. Learn more.
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