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How To Write An Obituary

What's involved in writing a good obituary? 
That's really the first thing you have to think about when sitting down to write one for a spouse, other family members, or a close friend. Exactly what factual information should it include and how can you find a balance between dry facts and engaging storytelling? We have the answers to those questions and hope you will find this information about how to write an obituary helpful.
The obituary is a longer, more detailed look at the life of the deceased and the death notice is merely a compilation of relevant facts. The obituary also includes those essential details but it expands on them to provide a more complete look at the deceased's life experiences.
The first of the details would, of course, be their name. Do you want to use their full name or perhaps their first name, middle initial, and last name? If your loved one was married, you'll want to include her maiden name and if he or she was commonly known by a nickname, you may want to add that as well. 
When writing an obituary for your loved one, you have the opportunity to serve future generations — not only of your immediate family but of the society as a whole. You are, in effect, recording history on an individual scale. It's a humbling yet inspiring thought. 
Well Written Obituaries
It's very easy to find examples of obituaries that are worthy of attention. There are interesting obituaries for everyday folks that inspire us; maybe even make us cry or laugh. Obituaries which, when we're done reading them, we say to ourselves, "I wish I'd had a chance to get to know that person." Obituaries are scattered in cyberspace, acting as digital records of a life, a time, and a place; and recently, some very funny obituaries have been written. 
Will writing our own obituaries become a trend? Maybe. We know many more people are writing their own obituaries today as it's often given as an assignment in certain college and university courses. 
How you document your loved one's life story is up to you. With that said, we recommend that you include the following: 
•The age at death
•Parents’ names
•Date of death
•Location (city/state) where they died
•Where the person lived
•Education background
•Church affilitation
•Hobbies and interests
•Job or career information
•Personal and professional accomplishments
•Personal character and interests
•Influence of their community
•Funeral service details
•Surviving family members
•Education background
It's now time to push the facts aside. Sit back and think about the anecdotes and memories you could share to shed some light on your loved one's character and personal interests. Bring factual details into play whenever you can to help the reader clearly see who your loved one was, how they lived, what they did, who and what they loved. The more rich in detail, the more memorable the obituary becomes. 
Double Check Spelling and Grammar
Before you give a copy of the final draft of your loved one's obituary, be sure to read it through twice or even three times. You're looking for errors in spelling and grammar, but you also want to make sure your facts are straight. 
Do not hesitate to call us if we can be of any help! 

Texas Death Certificates

We will initiate the death certificate via the TxEVER system and submit the record to the certifier (attending physician or Justice of the Peace). Once the record is signed by the certifier the vital statistics will be reviewed for accuracy by the funeral director who will then signed and submitted to the state registrar who will then issue the certified copies. In a perfect world this process takes 10 to 14 days but can take up to 28 days.
The first certified copy cost $20 and each additional copy is $3.00 per copy. The state charges $8.00 postage via FedEx. 

Family Viewing

This time is set aside for the immediate family to view their loved one for the first time and usually stay for 15 to 20 minutes. This is a perfect time to make any changes to their loved one’s cosmetics and appearance. Families also find this time useful for getting acquainted to our facilities.

Restrooms and Water Fountain

The men’s and women’s restroom as well as the water fountain are located in the hallway with the arrangement office. A family bathroom is located in the hall right next to the family room and is reserved for use on the day of the service by immediate family members.

Service Being Held at Welch Funeral Home

Family Parking: Covered family parking is available on the south side of the building. Please park facing west. You are parked in the wrong place if you have parked behind the funeral coach.
Pallbearers: Please notify a member of our staff upon your arrival at the funeral home. You will be given instruction at that time. Pallbearers will receive  further instructions prior to the start of the service and will be seated together on the front pew on the right side of the chapel.
Gathering & Seating: The family will gather in the family room at approximately 10 minutes prior to the start of the service. The minister will typically pray with the family during this time. Members of our staff will close the casket while the family is gathering in the family room. Prior to the start of the service a member of our staff will given last minute instructions and then they will escort you into the chapel and assist with seating yo
Dismissal (with final viewing): Members of our staff will come down and re open the casket and will allow those who wish to view an opportunity to pass by and pay their respects. We will also provide an opportunity to exit without viewing for those who do not wish to view. We will pass attendees, then pallbearers, and the family will be the last to view.
Dismissal (without viewing): Members of our staff will come down and escort you to the Garden Court where you may visit and greet family and friends. The minister will provide a general dismissal.
Procession: Please make your way to your car and follow the directions of our staff. We will line up on the west side of the funeral home. The order will be funeral home lead car, minister’s car, funeral coach, and then immediate family followed by extended family and friends. Please turn on your headlights and emergency flashing lights.
Staff Interment: Members of our staff will take your loved one and any floral tributes to the cemetery. Please allow us 45 minutes to an hour to get everything in place before visiting the cemetery.

Flower Delivery

We do our best to deliver floral tributes that are not suitable for the cemetery to your home on the day of the service however, due to scheduling sometimes delivery will occur the next day.

Please do not hesitate to call us at (903) 663-3737 if you have any questions.

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