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Remembering Your Loved One with a Memorial Scrapbook

Published: February 27, 2023
by Welch Funeral Home

After your loved one’s cremation services in Longview, TX. creating something that helps honor and remember them can be a very therapeutic activity. While there are several things you can many families and individuals enjoy making a memorial scrapbook.

These scrapbooks are popular because they require little supplies and money and can be completed as an individual or family group project. To help you get started with one of these keepsakes for your loved one, keep reading as we explain what you need to get started and how to complete the book.

What is a Memorial Scrapbook?

Before we begin, let’s explain what a memorial scrapbook is. A memorial scrapbook is similar to a photo album in that it will include photos of your loved one. However, with a scrapbook you can also choose to ass personal mementos as well as decorate it with embellishments.

Getting Started: Supplies

You don’t need a lot of supplies to create your scrapbook. The only things you must have are a book and glue or tape. Other than that, if you wish to decorate the scrapbook you will need things like stickers, ribbon, fabric, ink stamps, and pretty scrapbook paper.

Designing the Book: Inside Pages

As mentioned earlier, your book will consist of photographs of your loved one. These photographs can be of anything you choose and can be arranged in any order you decide.

Some people may choose to create a scrapbook that begins with the deceased’s childhood and moves chronologically throughout their life highlighting important events. Other people may decide to make a themed book. An example of this could be if your loved one was avid traveler, the scrapbook could include images of them in all the places they visited.

Other than photographs, feel free to add other elements into the book. Some of these things could be:

- Ribbons

- Certificates

- Piece of their baby blanket

- Drawings they created

- Chain necklace or other pieces of jewelry they wore

Also, if you want to include something that obviously wont fit in the book, take a picture of the item and add that photo into the book. For example, maybe they had a car that they restored and was their “baby”, or a room full of trophies they won. You could take a picture of these things and add them into the book that way.

Designing the Book: Outside Cover

While some scrapbooks you purchase will already have a nice decorative cover, you may choose to customize it to make it more personal for your loved one. Some ideas for this could be:

- Enlarge a favorite image of your loved one and attach it to the cover

- Cover the front and back with fabric from clothes of your loved one

- Make a book cover from a drawing or painting they created

- Write their name and other important information on the cover with paint pens or calligraphy pen

In Conclusion

Memorial scrapbooks are a wonderful project that can not only help you heal, remember and honor your loved one, but also provide a beautiful and meaningful keepsake that cab be kept for generations to come.

If you would like more information about tributes for your loved one or cremation services in Longview, TX., let us know as we are always here to help.

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