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How to Help Support a Grieving Man

Published: January 2, 2023
by Welch Funeral Home

While it’s true that everyone processes grief differently, the same can also be said about how men and women as a whole tend to process grief. While there are exceptions, directors of funeral homes in Longview, TX. often experience women tending to be more open about their feelings and not as apt to hide them. Men, on the other hand have been taught to be the “strong” ones and many may consider showing their emotions as an act of weakness.

Because of this, the way to help a woman or man who is grieving can also differ. If you have a man in your life who is experiencing grief after the lost of a loved one, here are some tips you can use to help them.

Ask Them About Their Feelings

Many times, with men being more silent about their emotions, you may not know exactly what they are feeling. Don’t be afraid to ask them. This will not only help you understand how you can better console and help them, but it may provide them an opportunity to explore their feelings a bit thoroughly and become more clear on what they are actually experiencing. Once feelings are identified they are much easier to process and work through.

Let Them Talk

For many men, opening up and talking is a difficult thing to do. If they wish to talk, let them. Give them a safe space for them to share how they are feeling, what their loved one meant to them, what they feel about the new reality they are living in and whatever else they wish to discuss. Do your best to listen and offer sympathy but not interrupt or turn the conversation about you.

Remind Them They Are Human

Men, in general, have been taught that they need to be the strong one of the family, the provider, the rock. Remind them that they don’t have to be a superhero. It is okay to have these feelings and to let them out. By doing so they will be able to work through them. Many men may want to let their feelings show but need a friendly reminder that it is okay to do so.

Offer Your Help

Other then being there to listen to your friend, there are other ways you can help. Some of the things you could do are offer to run errands, take care of any family pets, cook dinner, or even babysit a night or two. Your friend will have a lot to take care of and may lack the motivation or will to do so. While helping with these everyday chores may not seem like much to you, they will be very appreciated by your friend.

In Conclusion

Grief is never an easy thing to get through. While men and women may process it differently, you should always pay attention to what your friend may need specific to their situation and feelings. Offering your love, help, support and sympathy will always help no matter what gender the person may be.

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