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Considerations for Placing Your Loved One’s Urn in Your Home

Published: December 26, 2022
by Welch Funeral Home

Finding the perfect place in your home for your loved one’s ashes after their cremation services in White Oak, TX. can be a dauting task. Some families choose to have the urn rest prominently on a mantle or shelf in a main room in the house while other families may wish to place it in a room that is more private. If you are trying to find the right place for your loved one’s urn, keep reading as we cover some things to keep in mind in making this choice.

Your Loved One’s Last Wishes

Probably the most important thing to consider when finding a place for your loved one’s urn is thinking about any last wishes they may have had. For example, maybe they loved to cook and spent their time in the kitchen and made it known they wanted their urn placed there. If they didn’t make any last wishes known, think about what they may have wanted. Did they love to sit and read in the home office? If so, that may be a fitting place for their urn.

Consider the Visibility of the Urn

Another consideration to keep in mind when selecting the placement of your loved one’s urn is to think about if you want the urn to be easily visible by guests and family members or if you would prefer to have it a little more obscure and out of direct view.

If you wish for it to be displayed and visible you may consider placing the urn in the main living room as this is the room where most of the family spends time as well as any guests when they enter the home.

If you would rather keep the urn more private, you may consider placing it in a less visited room such as a bedroom or home office. You could also purchase an urn that blends in more with the décor making it less obvious. Another option is to select an urn that looks like something else such as a floating shelf urn as these urns look just like a regular shelf.

Consider the Material of the Urn

If you purchased your loved one’s urn based solely on design and didn’t have the placement in mind, you will need to consider the material of the urn and make sure it is conducive to the location you wish for it to be placed.

This is because not all materials are best for all environments. An instance of this is a wooden urn would not be good for a kitchen or sunroom as wooden urns can warp and crack over time when exposed to sunlight and humidity.

Check with your urn or cremation provider if you have any questions at all about the material of the urn being suited for the chosen location.

Final Thoughts

Where you place your loved one’s urn is a very personal choice and will depend on each individual family’s needs and preferences. While it may seem dauting to find the final resting place for the urn, keeping things in mind such as your loved one’s last wishes, how visible you want the urn to be, and the material the urn is made from can help in this decision.

If you would like more information on urns or cremation services in White Oak, TX, we are always here and available to help so please reach out to us anytime for any service option need.

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