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Getting Started with Selecting a Headstone

Published: December 19, 2022
by Welch Funeral Home

Your loved one’s headstone is something that will be a monument to them for years to come. It is a way to show others how much they were loved and a way to honor their life lived. Because of that you want to ensure their headstone not only stands up to the test of time but is something that pays respect to them in the manner they deserve. As directors of funeral homes in White Oak, TX. we understand with so many types and designs of headstones, this can be a difficult decision.

To help you get started, we are going to talk today about two of the main elements when it comes to selecting a headstone; the type of the headstone as well as the material.

Three Main Types of Headstones

Walk through any cemetery and you will see a number of different types of headstones. Some are upright and large while others are flush to the ground. While there are several designs, typically there are three main types of markers. These include:

Upright Monument – This is what you most likely imagine when you think of a headstone. These markers are attached to a concrete base and can be seen in several various styles, colors, and materials.

Slant Marker - These markers are shaped with a slanted front and sit between twelve and sixteen inches high. It is on the slanted front where any design and lettering will be.

Flat Marker - Also called a ground marker, these monuments are typically about three to four inches thick k and sit flush in the ground. They can be found in may shapes with the most common being a rectangle.

Main Materials of the Headstone

After your have decided on what type of headstone you wish to have, the other main element to consider is what type of material you would like it to be made from. There are several to choose from and each carries its own set of pros and cons. Some of the most common materials along with their characteristics include:

Marble-Marble headstones can look very elegant and classy. That is because marble itself tends to portray a more luxurious material. Also, if families wish to have a headstone with a very complex design cut into it, marble is a good choice as it is great for carving

Bronze - A bronze headstone is a great choice for those families who want to stay on a budget as these can be found less expensive than some of the other options. Bronze is also a popular choice because it does not require much maintenance to keep it in good shape over the years.

Granite - Being the most popular choice, you will see this material used for headstones frequently. Not only is it a beautiful material that is available in a variety of colors, it is also very durable which is another aspect families enjoy.

Sandstone - Even though sandstone may not be as durable as other materials and require a bit more care, it is a popular choice for families who wish to have a unique headstone as it is easy to cut into customized designs.

While your loved ones headstone will also most likely include things like engravings and other embellishments that you will need to choose, knowing what type of headstone as well as what material is a great starting point.

As directors of funeral homes in White Oak, TX., we know all of this can be overwhelming. Just remember it’s okay to take your time and take it step by step. This will ensure you design the perfect monument for your loved one. Reach out to us we are ready to help either for immediate need or pre-arrangement.

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