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Why Hold a Funeral

Published: October 17, 2022
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After a person passes away, there are several services the family can hold for them. Depending on their religion and beliefs, these services can include wakes, viewings, funerals and more. As directors of funeral homes in Hallsville, TX, we often get asked if holding a funeral is really necessary. While it is certainly not required by law, there are some very strong reasons to holding this service.  

Once of the most important reasons is that funerals help those who attend in processing grief and begin the healing journey. While the stages of grief look different for everyone, funerals can help bring closure and allow guests to come to terms with what is happening.  They can do this by assisting in: 

  • Acknowledging the reality of the death - When we lose a loved one, especially if it was a sudden death, it can take a little while to truly come to terms with the fact they are gone. A funeral can help us process this new reality.
  • Remembrance - Funerals provide a time to remember stories of the deceased and share them with one another which can be very healing.
  • Expression - Funerals allow us a place to express our sorrow and thoughts and feelings about death
  • Finding Meaning - Funerals provide a time to reflect on the decease’s life as well as find meaning in our own.
  • Help Feel Supported - Having your loved ones around you will let you realize you are not alone, and you have a wonderful support network you can call on for help and support.
  • Dedicate a Time to Mourn - Another benefit funerals provide that helps us heal is that the mark a time to begin mourning. With our daily lives being busy and filled with things such as work, school, kids, chores, and errands, funerals allow a set time to put all of that aside and only focus on the deceased for that amount of time.
funeral homes Hallsville, TX

Making a Funeral Personal

Funerals can even make more of an impact when they are designed around the deceased in very personal ways. This could be from things such as the décor and including flowers that were the favorite of the deceased, to selecting songs and readings that held special meaning to the loved one. When planning your loved one’s funeral, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and add in personal touches wherever you can.

Should You Hold a Funeral?

You can see that funerals can provide many benefits to those who attend. Because of this, it can be very therapeutic to hold such a service. If you are not sure if holding a funeral is right for you and your loved one, talk to your family. See what the rest of your relatives believe. Would they like to attend a service for a chance to say their final goodbyes? Whether held at a church or funeral home in Hallsville, TX, holding a funeral service may be exactly what you and your family needs. 

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