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4 Important Decisions When It Comes to Cremation

Published: September 26, 2022
cremation services in White Oak, TX

While many families may choose cremation services in White Oak, TX because it can be a more simple process than burials, there are still many decisions that need to be made with this form of disposition. Most people are aware of some of these decisions, but may not be aware of all of them. Today we are going to talk about the main considerations when choosing cremation services.

1. Selecting a Cremation Provider

The cremation provider is going to be taking care of your loved one and you want to know they will be doing so in a professional and dignified manner. Make sure you select a cremation provider that has a good reputation. How can you know? Check their reviews, ask around, look them up online, visit the facility in person. Doing a little bit of research ahead of time can ensure you are happy with their service.

2. Choosing Services

Although many people choose cremation types such as direct cremation because it can be very simple and quick, it is entirely possible to hold additional services with cremations. People may be surprised to learn that any service that can be held with a burial can also be held with a cremation. Therefore families who choose cremation will need to decide if they wish to have a direct cremation or one with services such as a funeral or visitation.

3.  Deciding on the Final Resting Place

One of the biggest decisions families will need to make when it comes to cremation is here to place the remains of their loved one. Unlike traditional burials, cremations offer a wide range of options. Just a few of these options include:

  • Having the cremation urn placed in a columbarium niche
  • Spreading ashes over a meaningful area
  • Keeping the cremation urn in a family member’s home
  • Burying the ashes in a cremation urn in a cemetery or cremation garden
  • Dividing the ashes into keepsake urns so that several family members can each gave one
  • Using the ashes in the creation of a memorial painting
  • Using the ashes in a cremation tattoo
  • Planting the ashes in biodegradable urn with a tree

4. Selecting the Urn

Once you have decided on what to do with your loved one’s ashes, you will need to find a suitable urn. There are many times of urns available each having their own use. Just a few of these include:

  • Biodegradable urns - These urns are made to decompose after a few hours or even a few years. These are idea for situations where the ashes might be planted or sent out to sea.
  • Keepsake Urns - These are smaller urns and are made to only hold a small portion of ashes. These are typically used when many family members all wish to have an urn with a portion oof ashes.
  • Display Urns - These are what most people think of when they hear the word “urn”. These are used to hold all of the remains and can be placed is someone’s home or a place such as mausoleum or a columbarium niche.

If you are considering cremation services in White Oak, TX as part of your preplanning or for a loved one, give us a call or come by anytime and let our cremation directors help you decide what type of cremation might be best for you and your needs.

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