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Painting With Ashes: A New Kind of Memorial Painting

Published: August 22, 2022
cremation services Longview, TX

If you want a truly unique way to use your loved one’s cremated ashes, you need to consider commissioning a cremation memorial painting. This may sound like just another painting, but it is anything but as these paintings go above and beyond paying tribute to your loved one. Curious how? Keep reading as providers of cremation services in Longview, TX shares everything you need to know about these unique tributes.

What is a Cremation Memorial Painting?

Most memorial paintings do a wonderful job of acting as a tribute to a lost loved one. They are often seen with a portrait of the deceased being the main design. This may be as a full figure or just a profile. It could be from a photograph or a scene that the artist creates. While these paintings are beautiful and a lovely tribute, there is a new technique that is taking this idea to the next level.

Cremation memorial paintings take the same idea of painting an image of your loved one, but…are you ready for this…they use a portion of your loved one’s ashes right in the painting. They do this by mixing the ashes with the paint before applying it to the canvas. The result is a painting of your loved one with their ashes infused right into it.

How to Find an Artist

While this technique is newer, it is growing more common in areas every day. This means that, depending on where you live, you may be able to find a local artist or might have to search online or in a bigger city to locate one.

Searching online should yield several results from companies and independent artists that paint with this technique. You can also look and search other third-party sites such as Etsy for artists.

Does the Image Have to be a Portrait?

Once you find the artist or company you would like to work with, together you can come with up the perfect design. While getting a portrait of your loved one is a popular choice, the painting can be anything that you and the artist agree upon.

Many times families may choose an abstract theme that expresses the overall personality of their loved one, or a scene from their favorite setting such as a beach or trail in the woods. Other families may choose to have a portrait of their loved one but turn it into an angel or add another deceased loved one in the image as well.

Look At Their Past Work

When you feel you have found an artist you like, make sure to look at their past work. Even if you have described everything in perfect detail, the artist may have a different style than what you are imagining. To make sure you get exactly what you want, communicate well with the artist and always look at their portfolio.

While cremation memorial paintings may not be for everyone, they can bring some families much comfort in a very unique way. If you would like to learn more about ways to keep your loved ones' ashes after their cremation services in Longview, TX, give us a call anytime as we are always available to you.

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