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Commonly Asked Funeral Etiquette Questions

Published: July 4, 2022

Funeral services are not something we attend often and if it’s your first one, they can be a bit intimidating. You may wonder about things such as what to wear, where to sit during the service, or if you should attend the burial service. If you are attending your first funeral, directors from funeral homes in Longview, TX. answer these concerns so you can attend with confidence.

What to Wear to the Funeral

When dressing for a funeral remember that it is a respectful, solemn event and conservative choices in clothes are always the best way to go. This means outfits for ladies could include things such as a nice pantsuit, skirt, blouse, or a nice dress. Just make sure that if you wear a skirt or dress, the length is not too short.

For men, a nice suit is always a good option as well as slacks with a dress shirt and a tie, slacks and a blazer and a tie, or slacks and a dress shirt (always wear a belt). If you are ever unsure, act as if you are getting dressed for Sunday morning church. If your outfit is appropriate for that setting it will most likely be fine for the funeral.

As far as what color to wear, black is the standard pick when it comes to funerals, however, other colors can be worn as well. Just make sure the color chosen is a subtle, solemn color such as dark gray, navy, darker neutral tones, or hues of deep greens or purples.

Where to Sit at a Funeral

One of the most awkward moments at a funeral is walking in and not knowing where you should sit. You don’t sit too close to the front because you may be concerned you are sitting too close to the immediate family. You don’t want to sit too far in the back and feel as if you are being disrespectful or ignoring the family.

So, where do you sit? Typically, at most funerals, the right side of the room is for the relatives of the deceased while the left side is for friends, coworkers, and acquaintances. Also, note that you should never sit in the first few rows on either side as these seats are reserved for immediate family.

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Should You Attend the Burial Service?

At the end of the funeral, the family of the deceased will have the details for the burial service announced and invite everyone to attend. If this is the case, it is polite and respectful to attend, but if your situation doesn’t’ allow that, that is okay as well.

If the family does not make the announcement, then the burial service may be private for family or invite-only and you should respect the family’s wishes and not attend.

There may also be a funeral reception after the grave service. This event may be private or public as well and if invited, it is polite to try and attend.

If you would like more information on attending services at funeral homes in Longview, TX., feel free to contact us anytime as we are always here to help.

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