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Memorial Service vs Celebration of Life: Which One Is Right for You? 

Published: May 9, 2022
cremation services in White Oak, TX

After a loved one passes away, holding a service in honor of them can be a wonderful way to celebrate their life. Two popular choices of events are memorial services and celebration of life events. While these are similar in many ways, they also differ quite a bit. Let’s look at each of these services in a little more detail so you can decide which would be best for your loved one after their cremation services in White Oak, TX.

Memorial Service

A memorial service is very closely related to a funeral service in that it can be religious in nature and has a structured format. Typically, there will be an officiant who will start the service off with a welcome and then move the service along to prayer readings, music selections, eulogies, and finally, a closing.

A memorial service also compares to a funeral service in that the attire is more formal and the overall tone is solemn. It is a service to honor the deceased, help the community start the grieving process, and focus on the moving on of the deceased to the afterlife. These services typically take place in funeral homes, churches, or other religious buildings.

Celebration of Life Service

A celebration of life service is different than a funeral or memorial service in many ways. This service is more of a casual, party-like atmosphere than a solemn event. While memorial services tend to be held at funeral homes, churches, or other religious spaces, celebrations of life events are held just about anywhere. For example, you can find them taking place at restaurants, banquet halls, parks, or even backyards.

With the atmosphere of these events being more like a party, the overall mood and tone are that of happiness, joy, and celebration. These events focus on celebrating the life of the deceased rather than the grieving or religious process. Families may choose to add in elements that can be found in other services or leave them out. There are truly no rules when it comes to these events.

Which Service Should You Choose?

Which service you choose is a personal choice. If you and your family wish to keep the service a bit more formal and structured, then a memorial service would be the way to go. If you would rather have a service that is focused more on celebration and joy, then the celebration of life service would be a good fit.

Also, consider what your loved one would have wanted. What was their personality like? Did they hold any strong religious beliefs? Were they someone who appreciated order and structure or would they rather have a free flow event?

And don’t forget, either one of these services can be tailored for your needs however you wish. If you would like to have a celebration of life event but add in elements of a memorial service, then go ahead. These services are for you and your family so do what feels right for you.

If you would like to talk about your options after cremation services in White Oak, TX., feel free to call or drop in anytime. We always welcome questions and are available to help with anything you may need.

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